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Tag: Top 25 of 2013
Happy New Year!
For those who thought 2012 was busy, 2013 somehow stepped it up. The campus said “hello” to a new president – as well as a trio of new top-level administrators – while bidding “farewell” to a longtime leader. Students and alums labored boldly toward, and achieved, the shared aspiration of career success. Quarterback Jordan Lynch, who made...
Douglas D. Baker and Dana L. Stover
Douglas D. Baker – an award-winning professor of business, proven high-level administrator and scholar of management and leadership in higher education – was named the 12th president of Northern Illinois University.
A Bold Futures banner in the MLK Commons
In an increasingly competitive market for college students, NIU received more than 18,000 freshman applications for fall 2013 recruitment by March.
Logo of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities
Just weeks after receiving formal designation as an “Innovation and Economic Prosperity University,” NIU in November received one of the nation’s top awards for regional economic development.
Jordan Lynch
NIU’s football team, guided by first-year head coach Rod Carey and Heisman Trophy candidate Jordan Lynch, tore through the 2013 football season without a loss.
The 1,300 NIU students who took the Orange Bowl Student Fan Bus trip began arriving back in DeKalb shortly before noon Thursday, still glowing from an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.
NIU President John G. Peters shakes hands with Grace Reynolds after she received her diploma May 11, 2013
One president. Thirteen years. Seventy-two thousand degrees conferred. This is the legacy of former NIU President John G. Peters.
Wow, that’s a long way down: Reed Scherer shot a photo of his computer screen showing the live video feed down the borehole.
In January, a team of scientists that includes Northern Illinois University researchers successfully drilled through the overlying Antarctic ice sheet and sampled directly the waters and sediments of Subglacial Lake Whillans.
Eric Weldy, Sean Frazier and Tom Phillips
NIU welcomed several new employees in 2013, including President Doug Baker, who made some significant hires of his own.
Logo of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced in September that NIU was chosen to receive $2.4 million to develop tools for process control and qualifying parts made with layer-by-layer additive-manufacturing processes.
Dan Gebo
In June, an international team of paleontologists that included Northern Illinois University anthropologist Dan Gebo announced the discovery of a nearly complete, articulated skeleton of a new tiny, tree-dwelling primate dating back 55 million years.
Photo of Golden Delicious apple surrounded by red apples
Springtime at NIU means awards, not only for students who excel but also for faculty.
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