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Happy New Year!
Our look in rear-view mirror at 2015 has come to an end. We celebrated Brianno Coller’s good news, saluted students who are charting bold futures and learned about “exciting times” in cancer research. We learned more about the Antarctic as well as dangerous weather. We saw how NIU impacts the regional economy to the tune...
Barrie Bode
Barrie Bode never set out to be a cancer researcher. A year after earning his Ph.D., the future chair of NIU’s Department of Biological Sciences came across two lines of cells from a cancerous liver. On a whim, he measured the rate of glutamine import into those cancer cells – and was stunned to find...
Ross Powell and fellow NIU geologist Scherer recovered sediment from a subglacial Antarctic lake bed.
Here’s a fish story that isn’t exaggerated. Cameras sent down the drilling hole “grounding zone” where Antarctic ice, land and sea all converge revealed an unsuspected population of fish and invertebrates living beneath the ice sheet, the farthest south that fish have ever been found. “I have been investigating these types of environments for much...
Professors Jeff Chown and Valerie Garver team teach the Game of Thrones honors seminar.
If you understand what “winter is coming” means, two NIU professors taught the class for you. For 20 NIU students last spring, “Game of Thrones” wasn’t merely the most entertaining show on television – it was also the topic of one of the most thought-provoking classes on campus this spring. At the suggestion of a student,...
Brianno Coller
Engineering professor Brianno Coller – the 2015 Illinois Professor of the Year – had an epiphany when he was showing a NASA-produced video of a mission to Mars to a class. Something shifted in the air. The students’ body language changed. As the students watched the video of simulated spacecraft and Mars rover, they were engaged. Energized....
Jeff Dobie
A new economic analysis points to the significance of NIU as an economic driver – not only in DeKalb but across the northern Illinois region.
NIU’s Supermileage Team filmed a commercial with Jay Leno that first aired the NBC Today Show.
Photo courtesy NIU meteorology professor Walker Ashley
The evening of April 9 is one no resident of northern Illinois will soon forget.
Students check out some of the resources available at NIU's Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.
Thirty-five years after the murder of John Lennon, his words are still sung by dreamers like him.
Melanie Koss
If you never see yourself in a book, what does that tell you about how you are valued?
Kiranjit Gill
NIU President Doug Baker’s keystone goal of Student Career Success is something countless Huskies take seriously.
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