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Tag: Toni Van Laarhoven
NIU President Doug Baker
NIU President Doug Baker invites the entire university community to join him in congratulating the newly named Board of Trustees Professor, Presidential Research, Scholarship and Artistry Professors, Presidential Teaching Professor, Presidential Engagement Professor and the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Instruction Award winners. A reception in their honor begins at 3 p.m. today in the...
Top: Mary Lynn Miller Henningsen and Geoffrey PynnBottom: Toni Van Laarhoven and Kim Gatz
There’s an old saying that a teacher's purpose is not to create students in her or his own image,
Toni Van Laarhoven
Toni Van Laarhoven used to share the stage with her twin sister as they rocked clubs with their band Go Figure. But those days are behind her now as she devotes her attention to making a difference in the classroom. Since childhood, she always wanted to work with children with disabilities. Having a sister with...