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Tag: Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies
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Members of the campus community are invited Tuesday, Oct. 20, to attend an open forum to discuss two PLUS baccalaureate curricular proposals: transcript documentation of approved co-curricular activities; and required, upper-division writing-infused courses. The forum will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. in Room 125 of Altgeld Hall. For more information, contact Ed Klonoski...
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Beginning in Fall 2015, students at NIU will be able to take advantage of a new general education program which is part of a larger curricular transformation called PLUS: Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies. PLUS brings together a course curriculum with academic experiences to create an integrated learning environment, connect students to their peers across campus...
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Faculty members from diverse disciplines and programs are invited to come together and participate in the development of pathways for the new PLUS general education program. In order to facilitate collaboration, Pathway Development Grants have been made available through the Office of the Vice Provost in collaboration with the General Education Committee and the Office...
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The PLUS Task Force is pleased to present a draft report of Progressing Learning in Undergraduate Studies for public comment.
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President Douglas Baker has been stalwart in his singular message that it is NIU’s goal to educate and prepare students for career success.
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The NIU PLUS Task Force has released a set of potential curricular reforms in response to the declining enrollment and student disinterest of our existing general education program.
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Three potential general education models have been offered by the PLUS Task Force to better integrate the curriculum: a clusters model, a core model and a pathways model.
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The entire NIU community needs to support changes to our General Education curriculum.
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In the 21st century, it is critical for NIU’s graduates to be prepared to work in a dynamic, global environment. Both students and parents want a college education to lead to meaningful jobs.