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Tag: passwords
Photo of password box on computer screen
The new password self-service option makes resetting your password even easier. The fastest and easiest way to change your password is to do it yourself online, just like at Google or Amazon. To match that ease of use, we’re turning on security questions. Once these are filled out, you may never need to call the Help Desk...
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Effective Tuesday, July 22, all new employee password changes will have an expiration of 365 days rather than 130 days. No immediate action is required: Current passwords are still valid and will continue to expire on the date already set in the system. However, the next time users go online to change them, they will...
Photo of password box on computer screen
Effective at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 20, GroupWise will requires users to input their NIU network passwords. Users no longer can set unique passwords to access their accounts. For best results, users should shut down GroupWise and Notify on Wednesday. Then, users should restart GroupWise using their network passwords to log in. For password issues, call the ITS Helpdesk at...
Photo of password box on computer screen
Information Technology Services has put in place new password requirements. Passwords now must: Have a minimum of 8 characters. Contain, at a minimum, a character from at least three of the following four groups: Uppercase letter Lowercase letter Special characters such as spaces:-+,~`[email protected]#$%^&*()=_'”{}[]|\?/:;><. A number Note: Passwords cannot be reused or contain your AccountID or full name.