Photo of “wavy” piano keys

School of Music to officially welcome new piano with Nov. 11 dedication concert in Recital Hall

This summer saw several changes to the piano inventory at the NIU School of Music. One of the finest changes arrived in the form of a Hamburg Steinway Model C, which became available in Chicago in July. The piano faculty went to

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Poster of the third NIU New Music Festival: Fall 2012

Australian contemporary music duo to perform Nov. 6, 7 during third NIU New Music Festival

The NIU School of Music’s New Music Ensemble, under the direction of Gregory Beyer, has announced its third annual New Music Festival. Scheduled Tuesday, Nov. 6, and Wednesday, Nov. 7, this year’s celebration will spotlight music of would-be centenarian composer, John Cage

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A page from “Five Pools.”

‘Five Ponds’: Antique bronze drums of Burma find new voices thanks to NIU School of Music

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, this composition was titled “Five Pools.” Since then, composer Greg Beyer has changed the title to “Five Ponds.” It is not every day that a percussionist gets the opportunity to practice his art on 200-year-old

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The Arts Converge

Jack Olson Gallery hosts ‘The Arts Converge,’ explores modern art, Asian musical traditions

NIU’s Jack Olson Gallery is hosting “The Arts Converge: Contemporary Art and Asian Musical Traditions,” a special exhibition that celebrates the creativity of contemporary artists who are working with traditional Asian music, sounds or cultural soundscapes. “The Arts Converge” offers an arena

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