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Tag: NIU and DeKalb County's Prosperity
An NIU football player helps with the recovery in Fairdale.
The April 9 tornado that ripped through the towns of Fairdale and Rochelle passed less than a half-hour away from the Northern Illinois University campus. In the weeks following the devastation, it’s not surprising that members of the Huskie community have moved forward together to aid in the recovery effort. “NIU staff and students have...
Money & ruler
Northern Illinois University president, John G. Peters addressed several key components of a recently released report on NIU's economic impact on the region during a radio interview with WNIJ-FM.
Economic impact report
A report released today by Northern Illinois University demonstrates that the university is a powerful force for economic and societal good in DeKalb County and beyond. “We have been part of the landscape for more than a century, so it is easy to forget what an impact we have on the community. It is important...