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Tag: Maria Rozo
Ilse Pacheco
The Northern Illinois women’s tennis team gets back into the swing of things this weekend at the Drake Invitational in Des Moines, Iowa. After a grueling two weeks of practice NIU finally gets to see competition out side of each other as the Huskies look to build on an 11-12, 2-6 (Mid-American Conference), record in...
Huskies women's tennis team
The Northern Illinois women’s tennis team made its first moves toward the 2012-13 season by signing Colombia’s Maria Rozo (Bogotá, Colombia/Gimnasio Femenino) and Spain’s Cristina Alvarez Moreno (Zaragoza, Spain/Sagrado Corazon de Jesus). “I feel like we finally have the foundation laid for something really neat here, and these two will add to it,” said NIU...
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