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Tag: Jason Underwood
Education and the ways teachers learn and then lead their own classrooms is in a constant state of change.
A student shows off the Huskie he drew to adorn the cover of his Health Careers scrap book.
Friday nights were like graduation at Stevenson Towers this summer. The cafeteria tables were draped in red and black cloths. Parents arrived after work in sundresses, suits or coveralls and steel-toed boots, on time so they wouldn’t miss dinner and the ceremony. As campers showed off their week’s worth of accomplishments and received their certificates...
Lady in Red and Black
The NIU Digital Convergence Lab is recruiting students for a spring 2011 project that will create an interactive, online exhibition of vintage fashions that tells about NIU’s history and culture in the 20th century. The team will include six undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in computer science, art, history, women’s studies, museum studies, communications,...