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Tag: Geoff Pynn
A photo of "The Thinker"
With the help of a substantial donation from the John Templeton Foundation, NIU’s philosophy department is teaming up with Wi-Phi, an open access philosophy web site that aims to increase the role of philosophy in the public sphere. Launched in 2013 by Gaurav Vazirani, a graduate student at Yale, Wi-Phi publishes videos on philosophical topics...
Top: Mary Lynn Miller Henningsen and Geoffrey PynnBottom: Toni Van Laarhoven and Kim Gatz
There’s an old saying that a teacher's purpose is not to create students in her or his own image,
Geoffrey Pynn
Growing up in Walnut Creek, Calif., Geoffrey Pynn had fleeting thoughts of becoming a musician, a poet, and even maybe an artificial intelligence researcher. He was admittedly a little flaky in his younger years, never really settling on a specific career path; he was intrigued by seemingly everything. A philosophy major at Bates College in...