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A rubber duck bathtub toy
The 97th General Assembly came to a close late in the afternoon Tuesday, Jan. 8, when both the House of Representatives and the Senate adjourned sine die. The members of the 98th General Assembly were inaugurated at noon Wednesday, Jan. 9.
Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield. Photo courtesy Illinois Board of Tourism.
In Springfield … The first week of the Illinois General Assembly’s fall veto session begins Tuesday, Oct. 25, and will run through Thursday, Oct. 27. It promises to be an interesting week, with many issues on the table. The House of Representatives Personnel and Pensions Committee has posted five pension reform bills for hearing –...
Photo of small chalkboard with simple math equations
In Washington, D.C. … Last week, the Senate rejected, by a vote of 50-49, President Obama’s jobs bill and the Senate Democrats are now working with the president to disassemble the $447 billion package into smaller bills that will deal with specific elements contained in the jobs bill. The Democrats will try to force the...