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Tag: Ebola virus
Kristy Wilson Bowers
Recent media attention on Ebola patients in the United States has raised a number of debates about the risks of an epidemic spreading here.
Photo of a blue germ mask
Rachael M. Jones, a national expert on respiratory protection and infectious disease transmission and an assistant professor at UIC in the School of Public Health, will speak Wednesday, Nov. 12, at NIU. Jones, who is the guest of the NSF PROMISE Scholars Program, recently co-authored a commentary urging the CDC and WHO to take greater...
Photo of a blue germ mask
As the deadly Ebola virus races through West Africa, its grip on the collective United States attention is reaching a fever pitch. President Obama speaks almost daily on the outbreak, proclaiming it a “top national security priority” Oct. 6 and calling the next day for ramped-up airport screening procedures. Journalists staged across Dallas to report...