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Tag: e-mail
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A current phishing email is asking NIU GroupWise users for their email addresses, user names, passwords and birth dates. Do NOT reply to this email. NIU will NEVER ask you for your password. If you replied to this e-mail, call the Helpdesk at (815) 753-8100. Do NOT forward to [email protected] Abuse has an adequate number...
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Two primary updates have been made to the University Electronic Mail (e-mail) policy. The first is a formalization of existing practices concerning the use of GroupWise as the official university e-mail communication mechanism. All official university correspondence, including but not limited to messages from the president, policy information, employment and benefit notifications, is electronically distributed through...
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Information Technology Services will make changes Wednesday, Oct. 6, to GroupWise. Version 7 of GroupWise will no longer function. A download of Version 8 is available. New requirements for passwords will be put in place.