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Tag: blizzard
Convocation Center
The National Weather Service has cancelled the Blizzard Warning for all NIU campus locations. NIU’s Late Night Ride Service will resume operation at 4 p.m. today.
Photo of parking ticket on windshield
New snowfall has exceeded 2 inches. Pursuant to Chapter 51, Section 51.21 of the City of DeKalb Municipal Code, the assistant director of Public Works has declared a “PARKING PROHIBITION” on all designated snow routes in the City of DeKalb thereby activating a parking prohibition on all designated snow emergency routes in effect today beginning...
City of DeKalb logo
The City of DeKalb announced today that it has put into effect a city-wide snow emergency from 5 p.m. Tuesday until further notice. According to the National Weather Service, conditions will deteriorate rapidly with travel likely to become virtually impossible at times Tuesday night until mid-day Wednesday. “We ask that residents stay home and off...
Kris Povlsen
DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen released this declaration today. DECLARATION OF STATE OF EMERGENCY I, Kris Povlsen, Mayor of the City of DeKalb, County of DeKalb and State of Illinois, in accordance with Section 51.22 of the City of DeKalb Municipal Cole, do hereby designate and declare a state of local emergency in the City of...