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Tag: Baccalaureate Student Learning Outcomes
PLUS report cover
The PLUS Task Force is pleased to present a draft report of Progressing Learning in Undergraduate Studies for public comment.
Photo of an NIU graduation cap: “I did it! Now hire me!”
President Douglas Baker has been stalwart in his singular message that it is NIU’s goal to educate and prepare students for career success.
Photo of layered chocolate cake with white frosting and a strawberry on top
The NIU PLUS Task Force has released a set of potential curricular reforms in response to the declining enrollment and student disinterest of our existing general education program.
A photo of three ice cream cones
Three potential general education models have been offered by the PLUS Task Force to better integrate the curriculum: a clusters model, a core model and a pathways model.
Photo of a sports team huddle
The entire NIU community needs to support changes to our General Education curriculum.
Photo of a hand putting in the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle
In the 21st century, it is critical for NIU’s graduates to be prepared to work in a dynamic, global environment. Both students and parents want a college education to lead to meaningful jobs.
NIU Commencement: December 2012
In the final installment in our discussion of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), we address the skills necessary to problem solve and innovate.
Photo of an NIU diploma
Clear and effective communication, and an ability to work collaboratively in teams are essential to being successful in the work place, and in life. In a continued discussion on Student Learning Outcomes, or SLOs, we will discuss how NIU students are learning these skills.
Photo of graduation cap, diploma and book
Critical to the success of NIU’s students is a well-rounded education. This means a robust general education experience.
Photo of a mortar board and tassel on a stack of books
In the modern world, it becomes more critical for NIU’s graduates to be prepared to work in a dynamic, global environment.
Photo of a yellow highlighter on an open text book
An open symposium is planned for noon Wednesday, Jan. 29, to roll out ideas for general education and baccalaureate curricular reform essential for improving educational quality and enhancing NIU’s mission of student success. Hosted by the General Education Visioning Task Force and the Office of the Provost, the NIU General Education and Integrative Learning Symposium...