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Category: Voices
U.S. Capitol
Although there were several last-minute attempts by the Obama administration and various members of Congress to avoid the onset of sequestration, no agreements were reached so the federal sequestration process begins today.
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To be successful is to feel successful. Drink your water, exercise, eat your fruits and vegetables and sleep well. Although these things are definitely keys to physical health, what about mental health?
William McCoy
Why do good people sometimes make bad decisions? Often it is because they are thrust into a situation where they feel compelled to act in a way that hasn’t been fully thought through. Consequences are not considered.
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No one likes to be bullied. We have been learning about bullying since we were very young. We all know it is wrong.
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We all know that when it comes to financial aid, there are only so many dollars to go around. Financial aid can only offer so much to so many people. Completing your FAFSA early is a sure way to feel accomplished and secure in knowing your financial situation for school next year. But having motivation...
Gilbert Sebenste
As NIU’s meteorologist, I have often been asked the following about the weather of 2012 and early this year: “What’s going on here?”
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“There’s always tomorrow.” Such a common phrase we repeat to ourselves on a regular basis. Working out. Eating healthy. Quitting smoking. Calling up an old friend. Anything we perceive as “work” or inconvenient always takes the back seat in priorities. The connection that we do not seem to make is that “tomorrow” is never far...
Education and the ways teachers learn and then lead their own classrooms is in a constant state of change.
In Springfield … Last week, the Illinois House of Representatives began its Spring Session. On Wednesday, the House adopted rules that will govern its operations over the next two years (the 98th General Assembly), and House committee appointments were announced. Thursday’s House session was canceled, and the Senate did not convene. Next week should see...
Dream Action NIU and V.A.L.U. students visit Chicago for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
by Emily Prieto and Adam Lopez When we remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one aspect that stands out is the strength to speak out against injustices which too often occur in the world. Although not recognized as a national holiday with the ability to shut down banks, all schools or post...
In Washington, D.C. … On Monday, Jan. 21, President Barack Obama was inaugurated for a second term. The president’s inaugural speech advanced a more liberal agenda, calling for action on immigration reform, climate change and clean energy technology, gay rights, as well as calling for the need to find common ground and end the bitter...
A rubber duck bathtub toy
The 97th General Assembly came to a close late in the afternoon Tuesday, Jan. 8, when both the House of Representatives and the Senate adjourned sine die. The members of the 98th General Assembly were inaugurated at noon Wednesday, Jan. 9.
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