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Recent Applause

Brandon Male – Kinesiology and Physical Education (November 29, 2021) - Brandon once again has planned a complete off-campus trip for our undergraduate and graduate students for the Engage U.S. hands-on learning experience for Kinesiology and Physiology Education. Our students will be touring two different military bases in the U.S. that conduct exercise physiology research. Brandon goes above the highest benchmark for our students and department....
Debra Boughton – Student Athlete Academic Support Services (November 29, 2021) - I appreciate everything Debra does to promote women’s athletics at NIU. She is a tireless advocate for our programs and we are so lucky to have her! It’s the little things like season ticket delivery, signed team posters, courtside seating, etc.
Elson Smith – Division of Information Technology (November 29, 2021) - Elson has worked hard to create a multi-year financial planning tool that will be used by Student Financial Advising Services to assist students throughout their college career. Elson is responsive and helpful and all-around amazing! It is a pleasure to work with him on this very important and timely project.
Matt Todd – School of Music (November 29, 2021) - Matt is relatively new to NIU and has jumped in to make the position in the School of Music his own. He consistently reaches out with questions and wants to learn the hows and whys of scholarship processing. He has also come up with new ways to share information with students. I am thankful that...
Carissa Hunt-Gioe – Campus Dining Services (November 29, 2021) - Carissa always goes above and beyond at Starbucks. She is extremely efficient in a very fast paced location. Her positive attitude starts your day off right!
Dawn Montgomery – Housing and Residential Services (November 29, 2021) - Dawn is always there to help the department where she can and take on extra tasks when other staff members need additional support. Her hard work, dedication and knowledge of several aspects of the residential experience make her a great asset to Housing and Residential Services!
Ninette Weaver – Student Affairs (November 22, 2021) - Ninette went above and beyond this morning in assisting an organization with a last minute request. She was very helpful and because of a timely manner acted with extreme urgency. She handled it both professionally and with positivity. I was so thankful for her today!
Brian Smith – Employee Assistance Program (November 22, 2021) - Brian routinely goes above and beyond. He cares about his role and is great at what he does. He also genuinely cares about people. This is made obvious by his careful treatment of others. Brian is kind, fair, compassionate and always incredibly respectful. I can think of no one better to be applauded.
Tammy Lexa – Human Resource Services (November 22, 2021) - Tammy is the true professional in the department which is taking care of the entire organization. In addition to that, she is the super patient team player who is helpful when we need her (every day), is so much fun and a fabulous baker! Thanks Tammy!
Jane Donahue – College of Health and Human Sciences (November 22, 2021) - Jane is amazing to work with – she is a great communicator and I enjoy working with her and collaborating on projects. I also appreciate her commitment to promoting the College of Health and Human Sciences.
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