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Vicky Guzman – Human Resource Services (2/19/2018) - Vicky has been so helpful in transitioning us to the online hiring procedures. Whenever I’ve had an issue, I’ve emailed or called Vicky. She responds quickly and helps me figure out what I need to do to move forward in our hiring
Amanda DeSimon – Admissions (2/15/2018) - Amanda displays outstanding customer service and leadership with events and programs. Not only does she clearly communicate and coordinate events with NIU staff, but she also goes above and beyond to recruit and support prospective students and families as they enter NIU.
Cathy Doederlein – Career Services (2/15/2018) - Cathy Doederlein is a consummate professional, extraordinary collaborator, thoughtful decision-maker and a tireless advocate for NIU students. Her efforts to make internship opportunities available for NIU students are noteworthy and her services as a resource to professionals outside the walls of NIU
James Huizenga – Health Services (2/14/2018) - James has taken the topic of accessibility and universal design to heart and has made extra efforts to ensure that videos posted by Health Services and even the TVs in the Health Services building have closed captions on so the content is
Carrie Aldrich – Disability Resource Center (2/13/2018) - Carrie often plans activities in our department that help us as a staff connect with one another, have fun and re-energize. Whether it be a themed lunch/brunch or day with hand-crafted decorations, team-building games or a simple act of kindness, she goes
Renique Kersh – Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (2/13/2018) - Renique Kersh often goes above and beyond for NIU students, encouraging them to get hands-on in their learning and conduct real research. She also practices what she preaches. Kersh, associate vice provost for engaged learning, recently published a research article exploring stressful
Veris Hawkins-Smith – Human Resource Services (2/8/2018) - When I need clarification, Veris explains policy, protocol changes and transitions; she has been more than helpful. I truly needed policy clarification today and Veris simplified the policy so I could share it with my supervisor and others within the department. Thank
Debra Woolbright – Department of Economics (2/7/2018) - Debra Woolbright, formerly the undergraduate secretary in our department, became the office manager last year when our former office manager left. Since then, she has not only performed wonderfully as office manager, but because we have only part-time help to assist her,
Diane Johnson – Development Operations (2/6/2018) - Diane spent significant time on the phone with me to straighten out an issue in AcademicWorks scholarship system. Her knowledge is remarkable and I greatly appreciate her patience. Thanks!
Krzysztof Siuba – Heating Plant (2/1/2018) - I’m hot…I’m freezing…Temp is just right. How do you please different people in the same office? Ask Kris! With humor and diplomacy, he makes our building comfortable and safe, and that’s no small task as we all work differently. Thank you, Kris!

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