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Jeff Strohm and Michael Mackey – Marketing and Creative Services (8/13/2018) - I recently submitted a brochure for clearinghouse review. Jeff and Michael worked so quickly to turn what I had created into a much better product. Besides lending their expertise, they patiently walked me through the process so that I could fully understand
Nicole Holland – College of Health and Human Sciences (8/13/2018) - I am helping to cover duties during a colleague’s medical leave. I needed to make some adjustments in MyNIU for teaching assignments. I couldn’t find where to make the changes so I called over to CHHS for assistance. Nicole called me back
Maurice Bailey – Materials Management (8/8/2018) - I had made a request to move a table and chairs into our Writer’s Workshop from one building into another and remove an old desk. Maurice came here to take a look at the items to see if it needed to be
Susan Mizgalski – College of Education (8/6/2018) - Susan is a creative, strategic and hard working colleague. She always has great ideas, and she works collaboratively to get things done. We are so grateful for her many contributions to the College of Education.
Danielle Young – Housing and Residential Services (7/31/2018) - Danielle takes student-centered service to the next level. She wears many hats behind the scenes in Housing and Residential Services and works to create great experiences for students whenever she can. From managing secure key and card access to determining housing accommodations,
Renee Comeford – Health Services (6/28/2018) - Renee assisted me to help a student with clinical requirements. The wrong lab test was completed and Renee was able to have another test completed. We were able to get the information we needed and the student didn’t have to have another
Bridgett Davis – Human Resource Services (6/8/2018) - Bridgett always takes the time to answer my questions about multi-layered HR issues regarding employee matters. She is the consummate professional that can be counted on to follow up whenever I send her an email with questions or leave a voicemail message.
Ryan Maloney – Admissions (5/10/2018) - Ryan is consistently going above and beyond with our prospective students, whether it be through our call center or on-campus events. He is always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the student receives the correct information.
Peggy Carlson – Division of Academic Affairs (5/9/2018) - Peggy is always so helpful and accommodating when I need assistance with facilities requests. She goes way above and beyond to ensure things are completed on time and the correct way. I don’t know what I would do without her assistance. She
Nick Myers – Holmes Student Center (5/9/2018) - Nick has gone above and beyond, day and evening, accommodating the requests of our diversity centers and unit. He is always pleasant, flexible and extremely helpful. We could not have success without his partnership.

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