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Dana Herra – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (4/13/2018) - Dana has brought so much more than better marketing and improved communications to the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. Dana has also helped the college by taking on additional projects like the Job Fair and Senior Design Day, bringing her expertise
Nick Jones – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (4/13/2018) - Nick is a wonderful asset to the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. He not only goes above and beyond with his outreach tasks, but has also taken on multiple additional projects like the Tutoring Center, the Job Fair and Senior Design
Carol McFarland McKee – Department of Electrical Engineering (4/13/2018) - Carol is amazing! She is always ready and willing to help her students, even above and beyond what you would expect from an exceptional employee. She is committed to offering everything she has to make sure her students are successful! No matter
Amy Simon – Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (4/10/2018) - Amy is a huge asset to NIU and the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She stops to assist students and staff in finding their way to other offices, visits staff in the hospital and brings needed items and drives staff
Campus Dining Services – New Hall (4/9/2018) - I’d like to thank the New Hall dining mangers and staff for all the hard work and hours they put in each week, they are all dedicated to making sure the students are well cared for and well fed at their NIU
David Scharenberg – Environmental Health and Safety (4/9/2018) - David provides sound guidance and direction in assisting departments develop their safety programs. He also enjoys lending a hand to his colleagues when the opportunity arises.
Rachel Geske – Campus Dining Services (3/30/2018) - Rachel is a tremendous asset to New Hall dining. She’s the behind the scenes employee that helps the unit run smooth and efficient. She goes above and beyond what’s asked of her and always has a positive attitude. Thank you for all
Jennifer Redisi – Department of Marketing (3/29/2018) - She caught wind of a student that was temporarily homeless and was sleeping in his car. She found an empty office where he could take a nap and made some calls to the appropriate agency at NIU and found him some temporary
Building Services – Holmes Student Center (3/29/2018) - The building services crew at Holmes Student Center have, for years, gone above and beyond in helping students, faculty, staff and the general public with their excellence in customer service, as well as room sets and tears downs and the overall cleanliness
Carolyn Pluim – Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (3/23/2018) - I really appreciate Carolyn’s leadership style. She is easily approachable and I always feel very supported when working with her. Most importantly, she exudes kindness in every interaction that helps sustain a positive work environment. Keep up the good work!

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