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Bridgett Davis – Human Resource Services (6/8/2018) - Bridgett always takes the time to answer my questions about multi-layered HR issues regarding employee matters. She is the consummate professional that can be counted on to follow up whenever I send her an email with questions or leave a voicemail message.
Ryan Maloney – Admissions (5/10/2018) - Ryan is consistently going above and beyond with our prospective students, whether it be through our call center or on-campus events. He is always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the student receives the correct information.
Peggy Carlson – Division of Academic Affairs (5/9/2018) - Peggy is always so helpful and accommodating when I need assistance with facilities requests. She goes way above and beyond to ensure things are completed on time and the correct way. I don’t know what I would do without her assistance. She
Nick Myers – Holmes Student Center (5/9/2018) - Nick has gone above and beyond, day and evening, accommodating the requests of our diversity centers and unit. He is always pleasant, flexible and extremely helpful. We could not have success without his partnership.
Anthony Carter – Heating Plant (5/8/2018) - Anthony is so helpful, skilled and responsive to our many heating, cooling and building needs. Since our buildings are older and have some challenges, we are grateful that Anthony is always there to troubleshoot and help us. He is awesome!
Amy Hodge – Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (5/3/2018) - Amy is the public face of the NIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic to our patients at first call or check-in. In multiple instances, she has noticed something wrong and brought it efficiently to the audiologist’s attention, saving the patient time, money and sometimes even
Cecelia Bolles – Procurement Services and Contract Management (5/1/2018) - Cecelia goes above and beyond to assist and typically works under crazy time crunches. She is the buyer who primarily handles the travel for students/staff and recently assisted with coordinating over 80 flights for students from the Southeast Asian study program while
University Libraries (4/26/2018) - Thank you to Ladislava Khailova, Joe Thomas, the dean and associate deans of the University Libraries for partnering with the Disability Resource Center to address matters related to user services and materials, in order to proactively ensure accessibility for all of its
Mia Hannon – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (4/25/2018) - Nothing can keep Mia down – apparently not even a broken ankle! Mia tackles every project with enthusiasm and professionalism. She has an eye for detail, but doesn’t fail to see the big picture. Behind every great program is a great business
Courtney Harms – Registration and Records (4/25/2018) - Although most students will probably never meet Courtney Harms face-to-face, she is a big part of why they are able to graduate on time. Courtney quickly and quietly resolves issues with student transfers and records, paving the way for a smoother graduation

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