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Recent Applause

Kendra Nenia – Child Development and Family Center (2/19/2019)- Kendra is such a wonderful preschool teacher. She goes above and beyond every day to give her class the best experience possible. She finds creative ways to stretch the budget whether it be applying for grants, using coupons to attain fun things
Jennifer Gregory – Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies (2/18/2019)- Jennifer has been the most amazing office manager at the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies. For the past five years, she has not only made our students feel welcome with her warm smile and charming wit, but also helped them navigate
Mary Fitzgerald – Illinois Board of Examiners (2/14/2019)- Ms. Fitzgerald came aboard last year as our business manager and hit the ground running. She has totally changed the business department around for the better without any training from the previous person in her position. Ms. Fitzgerald has the biggest heart
Sheri Decker, Nicole Rankin and Michelle Lewis – Building Services (2/12/2019)- These ladies go above and beyond to support the Building Services effort. They continue to be the backbone of the department, keeping us on track and in line. Thank you for all you do to ensure that our department runs effectively and
Sandy Hess – Payroll (2/12/2019)- Sandy lets nothing get in the way of doing her job. Because of her efforts, payroll is always processed and we receive our paychecks on time. Thanks for going the extra mile regardless of the status of the university!
All Essential Services Personnel (2/8/2019)- For those individuals and departments that are deemed as essential services during the inclement, you did a great job in making sure the campus was cleared of snow, kept our buildings warm and dry, and kept students, faculty and staff safe.
Grant Towers Janitorial Staff (2/7/2019)- Thank you for showing great team work removing heavy ice for the safety of our students!
Building Services (2/7/2019)- A huge thank you to all the Building Services and departmental support staff that showed up during the emergency closure to support our efforts. Awesome job!
Josh Klassen, Adam Klassen, Jerome Cole, Tim Wotruba, Logan Halstead, Katie Schnorr, Brian Niles, Brian Young, Chad Folowell, Kimberly Folowell, Shelby Tolliver, Terrence Tate and John Holmes – Building Services (2/7/2019)- This dedicated group of foremen continue to show up for work to support the students and staff of this university to remove snow and spread salt under extreme conditions. They collectively work together to provide safe conditions for our students and staff.
University Administration (2/1/2019)- The person(s) responsible for updating the campus community regarding winter weather/campus closures this winter season has done a fabulous job. This person(s) has prioritized the safety of NIU’s students, staff and faculty and takes into account the wide range of distances and

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