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Recent Applause

Kelsey Johnson – College of Business (September 20, 2021) - I received amazing support and response from Kelsey as my classroom monitor flickered out five minutes before class. I sent Kelsey a quick note and she was there and had it fixed before the start of class. That is going above and beyond. Thank you, Kelsey
Erica McFarland and Laura Lagreid – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (September 20, 2021) - These two advisors worked their hearts out over the summer, working with freshmen and transfer students during a summer full of many orientations. They were doing the work of four advisors in difficult circumstances and put in long and extra hours to make sure that all of these new students had the best chance of...
Mark McGowan – College of Education (September 20, 2021) - Mark created social media messages that highlight the College of Education’s course offerings, which were recently posted on the University Center of Lake County’s Facebook page. These messages reflect our high-quality programs and noteworthy achievements. Thanks to Mark, the messages are eye-catching, positive and motivating!
Mary Strub – Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development (September 20, 2021) - Mary patiently and enthusiastically explained financial statements to me at the 11th hour, while on deadline for a grant proposal. She is always going above and beyond for the Education Systems Center team and is such a strong cheerleader for our work. We couldn’t do it without Mary.
Kristin Sherman – Community School of the Arts (September 20, 2021) - Kristin is always incredibly supportive, flexible and adaptable in dealing with multiple clients with multiple music needs. Unfailingly, she has been a joy to work with.
Scott Galto – Physical Plant (September 15, 2021) - Scott worked tirelessly over the Summer to improve the atmospheric conditions in the College of Education Learning Center. He always responds to work order requests with a “let’s get this done” attitude and the utmost professionalism.
Kevin Weber – Division of Information Technology (September 15, 2021) - Kevin is a Network Engineer that supports the DoIT Regional Technology Services Division and their external NIUNet and iFiber customers. Kevin is not only extremely pleasant to work with but goes above and beyond resolving issues even when he is busy with other tasks or even off for the day. He is a very motivated...
Salina Heller – Human Resource Services (September 15, 2021) - Salina is the best! With the craziness of the semester starting she has worked in overdrive to help get all our instructors into the system so they have access to all our platforms for teaching. She is a true gem in HR. This semester would not be happening without her.
Myoungwhon Jung – Special and Early Education (September 15, 2021) - Myoung is a very caring individual. He goes above and beyond to help his colleagues without giving it a second thought. He took time out of his Sunday to assist me and it is so appreciated. He is a top-notch guy. Thank you Myoung for all you do, you are the best!
Julie Lorang – Interdisciplinary Health Professions (September 15, 2021) - Julie is consistently professional and effective in her support of faculty and the programs in our department. Due to turnover and staffing shortages, Julie has taken on extra duties above and beyond her normal job tasks. I feel so lucky to have her on the team. Thank you for all you do, Julie!
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