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Louise Calderone – Psychology

August 13, 2021

Louise has kept the department stable during a global pandemic by going well above and beyond, by coming into the physical office space every day and working tirelessly to keep everyone apprised of new updates when they came out, by picking up the slack left by others in her office by tending to their physical in-person responsibilities that they were unable to attend while working remotely, and by always being ready to brainstorm and problem solve for any issue which she did not immediately know the resolution to. She has expressed endless support for her subordinates and their attempts to keep safe by permitting front desk staff to continue wearing masks even when there was no requirement for staff to wear masks indoors, and by permitting staff to work remotely to preserve their health.

She has been a source of stability and consistency during an unprecedented and difficult period of time, and it would be difficult to overstate how valuable her support has been in the Department of Psychology.

Applaud a Colleague