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CEET announces Senior Design winners for 2021

May 24, 2021

NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) congratulates five teams that were presented with awards from the Engineering and Technology Alumni Society on Senior Design Day on April 23, 2021.

During the pandemic the event has been held virtually. Next year the college plans to return to its traditional event where students showcase their projects at the on-campus Senior Design Day event held at the NIU Convocation Center. Since the pandemic and stay-at-home order, the course was converted to a remote e-learning class. This year, more than 1,700 visitors explored the 73 teams’ innovative project abstracts and posters, and even joined the teams in Microsoft Teams meeting chat rooms where they engaged with students in real-time to learn more about the projects. The project posters and abstracts are currently still available to view at

The Senior Design program is a course that engineering and engineering technology students take before graduating where they embark on a capstone project that applies what they’ve learned throughout their education at NIU. The program provides a real-world learning experience that provides them with the chance to see how engineers operate in the workplace.

“The senior design program is a high point in our students’ education. They apply the knowledge they acquired in the classroom to bring together concepts, theories, and construct a prototype or process,” said Dean Donald Peterson, Ph.D. of NIU’s CEET. “It gives them the chance to hit the ground running on the job. Senior design projects are often viewed as a student’s first professional achievement,” he said.

The first place prize for an interdisciplinary senior design project went to Team 50 whose project titled “Query-by-Humming System to Illustrate Signal Processing Field for Prospective Students.” The team consisting of electrical engineering students David Goldberg, Benjamin Leonard and Nathan McDonald developed an app that helps to interest high school students to pursue the field of engineering.

Second place in the interdisciplinary senior design program went to Team 7, whose project titled “Design of a Pyrolysis System with Temperature and Oxygen Sensors to Recover Liquid Fuel from LDPE” explores ways to extract fuel during the plastics recycling process. Team 7 members were mechanical engineering students Daniel Rotta Jr., David Street and Carson Wallace.

hird place in the interdisciplinary senior design program went to Team 27. The team was sponsored by Wahl Clipper and the project was called “Wahl Clipper Assembly Optimization.” The team consisted of mechanical engineering students Zachery Joy, William Lee and Michael Pavlick. They developed an automated testing device that can conduct an in-depth quality assessment of products on the assembly line for the hair clipper manufacturer.

In the engineering technology senior design program, students Paul Aguanda, Wayne Paul Franklin Huffman, Jacob Riley Hall and Mark Crisostomo won for their project, “Vertical Farm X-Y Table” can be used as part of a system to automatically detect and manage the health of plants in a vertical farming setting.

The winning team for the industrial and systems engineering program went to Team 5 whose project called “Design and Evaluation of Patient Transfer Device” was completed by Mohammad Aburmishan, Mohammed Rahat Anwar and Varun Thandy. Their prototype can prevent back injuries inflicted on healthcare workings while transferring patients from bed to chair, or chair to bed.

CEET is currently seeking project sponsors for the 2021-2022 academic year. For more information about the senior design program and how to present a challenge to a team visit