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Enterprising ISYE student engineers ‘Easter Eggers’

March 29, 2021

Samantha McEnery (left) and her sister Keely (right) have created a business called Easter Eggers.

Huskies never quit. That couldn’t be more true for industrial and systems engineering major Samantha McEnery who has been busy during the pandemic designing a business with her sister. In between studying and working at her internship, Samantha and her sister Keely created a business called “Easter Eggers”. For a fee, they will stuff plastic eggs with toys and candy and hide the eggs for kids outside their homes the night before Easter.

Samantha said her education in industrial and systems engineering helped in the planning of their business. “I have found that the time reduction tools and work design have been invaluable to the planning process of Easter Eggers,” she said. “We had to conduct tests and create guidelines for hiding eggs that would ensure we are able to complete all our orders in a single eight-hour period. I have also been able to utilize concepts learned in engineering economics, probability and stats, and quality control to ensure we are buying the materials most suited for our project, that any item mixes have a useful distribution, and to account for defects in our bulk orders.”

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