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URAD and CES is now the virtual Conference on Undergraduate Research & Engagement (CURE)

March 15, 2021

Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) and the Community Engagement Showcase (CES) will be hosted online from April 19-23, 2021.  The four-day event is also undergoing a change in name and will be known as the Conference on Undergraduate Research & Engagement (CURE) moving forward.

“This new title offers more clarity and simplifies logistics and planning of the event” said Associate Director, Destiny McDonald from the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL). CURE will continue to provide NIU students with the opportunity to formally present their undergraduate research and other engagement projects that they have participated in during the academic year.

“The conference is designed to acquaint undergraduate students with the process and academic rigors of presenting research in a scholarly manner and in an affirming environment” states Director of OSEEL, Michaela Holtz.

CURE will be held using the Symposium by ForagerOne platform. Destiny McDonald believes “this new platform will allow for a more user-friendly experience for both presenters and guests.”

Undergraduate students from all colleges will showcase their poster virtually along with a short video narration describing projects they are completing or have completed as part of a capstone or senior project; community engagement project or course; or independent study or funded research program. Judges will rank students’ presentations and provide feedback to participants. Students have the opportunity to place first, second or third in their respective award category. Winners will be announced on the CURE website following the event.

Registration for the event is currently live with a deadline of Friday, April 2. Students who are in need of more guidance on the poster creation and registration process are encouraged to utilize the many resources available on the CURE Student Resources webpage. This site contains a recording of the CURE Information Session, links to relevant sites, videos and more. NIU faculty, staff, graduate assistants and alumni who are interested in volunteering as judges for the event can register here.

Be sure to check out the CURE website for updates and resources related to the event. Contact [email protected] with any questions you have related to the event.