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Merlynette Griffin – College of Health and Human Sciences

September 15, 2020

Though I have worked with Merlynette indirectly in many of the roles she has had while serving the NIU community for many years, it wasn’t until her more recent role as Nursing Academic Advising Coordinator that I have gotten to see her commitment to NIU demonstrated in the capacity I have now. When we were short-staffed and were struggling to keep our heads above water, despite having a lot on her plate, when I asked if she could take on 1-2 additional students/day, without hesitation, she said, “Yes, I can do that and you can even add a few more!” She also updated the Nursing application to make it more user-friendly for our students, and didn’t complain even once when we asked her to revise it about a hundred times and ended up having to start over with a whole new platform. She has also made herself available to help our new leadership and staff learn the functions and operations of the department. We are truly appreciative of her efforts and contributions to the team and to NIU over the years. Thank you, Merlynette!

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