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Tifarah Jackson – College of Health and Human Sciences

September 8, 2020

Though previously employed at NIU for a number of years, Tifarah was new to our advising team immediately after our director announced her plans to retire and immediately before COVID hit and we moved our operations to remote service. Because it was such a crazy time, much of the attention of our leadership was averted from training Tifarah to making plans to navigate the rocky road ahead as smoothly as possible. Tifarah took it upon herself to not only use her innate resourcefulness to educate herself, but also to become a resource for our team as well. She frequently contributes her ample knowledge about university departments, as well as her knowledgeably as a trained counselor to help us de-stress and maintain connectedness amongst the team. Though Tifarah experienced tremendous personal loss over the summer and all the stress that comes with purchasing a new home, she created a “break room” group chat for us to unwind in, an “Amazon wishlist” so we can send each other little gifts of appreciation to brighten each other’s day, leads us in breathing exercises, offers mindful advice and suggestions on how to adapt our behavior when our emotionality might cause a negative impact on our students. Tifarah also took on additional responsibilities and embraces constructive criticism as an avenue for improvement and growth. Tifarah is the embodiment of both a team player and a leader and we are extremely fortunate to work along side her in service to the NIU community.

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