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Liz Yee – College of Health and Human Sciences

September 8, 2020

This has been a rough year for us in CHHS due to facing many transitions. We have experienced staffing changes in advisors, leadership, and administrative support, as well as the impacts of a world-wide pandemic. Though work life had previously been something stable to turn to in an otherwise sometimes chaotic world, suddenly our work life was turned upside down in many ways. Despite the high levels of stress and uncertainty, Liz faced the challenges as a leader. She voluntarily took on additional responsibilities even though it mean she would need to learn new things on top of the hard work she was already doing. She preemptively organized training sessions for new staff when our director’s plate was full so that things didn’t fall to the wayside. Liz also has agreed to serve as our “Navigate Champion,” a representative on search committees, a facilitator of messaging campaigns to our students, a back-up receptionist during busy times, and a sounding board for the new leadership to bounce ideas off of in regards to the many changes that needed to be made in order to adapt our services while serving the NIU community remotely.

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