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Katie Markley – Office of the Bursar

September 3, 2020

In August, I needed to resolve an issue with my OneCard, as it would not allow me access to the building where I work on campus. It turned out I had an older card and would need a new one. I reached out to the OneCard Office via email. Katie responded with all the details and links I needed to add money to my OneCard and even change my photo if I wanted. She kept in touch with me via email throughout the process and had my new card ready the same day, sending me an email to let me know it was ready and how to pick it up since the library was closed to the public at the time. Not only did Katie assist me with that specific issue, but the info that she provided me for adding money to my OneCard will assist me going forward. I didn’t know how to go about doing that previously (besides going to OneCard in person) but now I can log in remotely any time! Thank you, Katie! Keep up the great work!

Applaud a Colleague