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Brad Cripe named 2020 Presidential Teaching Professor

April 22, 2020

Brad Cripe has been sharing his passion for accounting with Huskie students for the past 14 years. A 2020 Presidential Teaching Professorship Award winner, Cripe is admired for his ability to inspire students in and out of the classroom.

“Dr. Cripe demonstrates excellence in the classroom, is a champion for students, and his support for quality education is unconditional,” said Pam Smith, KPMG Endowed Professor of Accountancy and Presidential Teaching Professor. “Extraordinary is the word I would use to describe Dr. Cripe’s commitment to student success.”

Professor Bradrick Cripe wins the BOT Presidential Professor award. Presentation by NIU College President Lisa C. Freeman.

As the assistant chair in the College of Business and a Gaylen and Joanne Larson Professor of Accountancy, Cripe has been lauded for demonstrating his commitment to students through significant service that benefits all students in the accountancy programs.

“He has lead student organizations, coordinated volunteer programs, advises countless students, and yet makes time to mentor students one-on-one through independents studies,” Smith said.

Crowe Horwath Professor and Presidential Teaching Professor, Jim Young, shared the sentiment.

“Brad is driven by the desire to ensure that his students learn how to learn,” Young said. “He focuses on building his students’ intellectual skills, problem solving skills, and professional responsibility; teaching his students to become problem-solvers – finding answers to problems using skills developed in his classes – is paramount.”

Cripe’s commitment to accounting education is evident and he has shown consistent dedication to improving the learning experience for students. During his tenure at NIU, he has served as the chair of the Curriculum Committee and is currently the assistant chair for Graduate Programs and Assessment of Learning and the faculty chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee in the College of Business.

“Brad’s commitment to accounting education is unquestionable and his expertise has been recognized both inside the academy and in our profession,” Young said. “He has left a mark on many students -both at NIU and around the country – that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.”

For Cripe, the opportunity to work with Huskies is the real reward.

“I get to watch students transform their lives and the lives of their families though the power of education,” Cripe said. “NIU is a school of social mobility, a place where people can stretch the societal and economic bonds that may otherwise have bound them and transform themselves and others.”

Cripe said he appreciates being named a Presidential Teaching Professor but he didn’t earn it on his own. From his outstanding colleagues and mentors to the support of his family, he’s grateful to get to do what he loves to do.

“This award is about how others invested in me and helped me to become someone worthy of this award,” Cripe said. “I teach a class that few students really like; I try to be part teacher, part mentor, part actor, part counselor and part comedian for the time I am blessed to spend with them.”