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WNIJ’s Northern Almanac shares 125 years of NIU history

January 22, 2020

Do you know the original name of Northern Illinois University? Can you guess the Governor who signed legislation creating the school?

NIU’s 125th Anniversary this year gives WNIJ the opportunity to explore key moments in the university’s rich history with a new program, The Northern Almanac.

The weekly feature, hosted by Clint Cargile, will focus on events that helped shape the entire region. It will launch Monday, Feb. 3, during “Here and Now,” and will air every Monday throughout 2020 at 12:31 pm.

Station Manager Staci Hoste said, “WNIJ’s Northern Almanac builds on ‘Key Moments’ identified by the NIU 125th Anniversary Committee. From its founding in 1895 through today, we will air segments about significant turning points in the university’s history.” 

President Lisa Freeman said the anniversary gives NIU an opportunity to not only look back and reflect, but also an opportunity to embrace the present and help chart the path forward. “You cannot chart a course for the future without understanding the past,” she said.

The Northern Almanac will air in tandem with a chronological list of NIU’s “125 Key Moments,” which will be presented online in monthly increments via the university website. WNIJ’s website will include The Northern Almanac, with podcasts of the weekly features and links to NIU’s anniversary information. 

For more details about The Northern Almanac, visit