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NIU’s Norman Walzer named co-editor of journal

January 20, 2020

Norm Walzer

Norman Walzer, Ph.D., Center for Governmental Studies senior research scholar, will be a founding co-editor of “Local Development and Society,” a refereed journal being launched by the Community Development Society International and Taylor and Francis Publications. The other co-editor is Rhonda Phillips, Ph.D., dean of the Honors College at Purdue University. An editorial board of international scholars and practitioners is being assembled with two issues planned per year. 

Locally focused issues continue to emerge rapidly with key interest by the public, nonprofit and even private agencies as well as by citizen groups seeking to encourage more healthy and sustainable sources of livelihoods, culture, and foods in their communities and regions. At the same time, local systems connote changes in social and economic systems (participation, empowerment, health impacts, livelihoods and other economic impacts), and vice versa. Simply put, localization is the process of adapting or adopting changes in a product, content, process, or policy for a specific area or locale.

“Local Development and Society” brings together these domains across social and economic systems. Interest in localism is on the rise around the world, and the journal seeks to create a repository of cross-disciplinary academic research in local contexts that will be integrated with national, provincial, state and community practices.

The journal will explore potentials and limitations of local growth and will test evidence from academic research and practice against relevance in local societies. “Local Development and Society” will support theoretical and empirical research in a diversity of local contexts, with the aim of strengthening universities and organizations that produce research about community development and society.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to planning, geography, economics, sociology, business and related disciplines. The scope is global and of interest to social scientists, planners, researchers, policy makers, students and practitioners.

While this journal builds on “Community Development,” the journal of the Community Development Society, it is interdisciplinary in scope and seeks to encourage scholarship on the broad expanse of local development and society.