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Huskies Give Back pays employees for volunteering

January 15, 2020

If your New Year’s Resolution is to spend a little more time giving back to your community, don’t forget that the Huskies Give Back program now allows NIU employees to spend one paid day off per fiscal year volunteering at approved schools, libraries and charitable organizations.

If you aren’t sure where your help might be needed, there is a list of more than 25 DeKalb-area organizations that have signed up to accept volunteers,  If you have another organization where you would like to donate you’re time you can nominate an agency (or they can nominate themselves) by filling out an online application.

Employees nominating an agency must do so at least three weeks prior to the date they plan to volunteer so that the organization can be reviewed by the university’s Ethics and Compliance Office. Public schools are considered pre-approved, but private schools must be vetted. Volunteering for political activities is not allowed as part of this program. Volunteer locations need not be located in DeKalb County.

To utilize the Huskies Give Back benefit, you must complete a Volunteer Time Off Request form at least two weeks prior to the day you want to volunteer. Get your supervisor to sign off on the printed form prior to volunteering and have a representative from the agency where you give your time sign the form when you are finished. The form must be returned to Human Resource Services within one week of the completed service.

You can choose to divide your 7.5 hours of paid volunteer time over a number of days if you wish. However, volunteer hours must be performed during your regularly scheduled work hours.

Details of the program can be found on the Huskies Give Back website.