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Wanted: Orientation leaders for 2020

December 2, 2019

Have what it takes to lead the Huskie pack?

Undergraduate students are being recruited to work as Orientation Leaders in the summer of 2020.

Through their work at summer orientation programs and early Welcome Days programming, Orientation Leaders serve as role models for thousands of first-year and transfer students as they transition to NIU. They also gain valuable personal and professional.

Interested? Job candidates have until Dec. 6 to apply through an online application process.

“Orientation Leaders really do play a crucial role in making students feel at home, part of the community and connected to campus resources,” said Jenna Pracht, acting director of Orientation and First Year Programs.

Students with a variety of interests, involvements, backgrounds and academic majors are sought to take part in summer 2020 orientation programs and Welcome Days events.

Among numerous duties, they’ll lead large and small group discussions, share knowledge of campus resources and involvement opportunities, serve as role models as they answer questions about student life and proudly represent NIU.

Students begin training in the spring semester and are paid an hourly wage. Additionally, leaders are compensated $2,000 and receive free housing throughout the summer and meals during summer orientation programs.

The position often leads to more student positions and opportunities at NIU, Pracht said. As an Orientation Leader, students have the opportunity to network with faculty and staff. Many times, these connections lead to additional employment or research prospects.

“It serves as a really great resource for references and opens doors for students for future employment,” she said.

The online application process consists of filling out an online application and completing a short module in Blackboard. The Blackboard module takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and provides insight into the expectations and duties of an Orientation Leader.

As part of the application, applicants are asked to submit two references, including at least one person affiliated with NIU, as well as a 10- to 60-second video and a short essay with a maximum word count of 300 words.

The video allows applicants to introduce themselves, Pracht said.

“The idea is that they’ll be interacting with students so we want to see a little bit about their personalities. They’re super informal,” she said of the videos.

More information about the application process can be found here or by calling Orientation and First Year Programs at (815) 753-1535.