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Kimberly Whalen – Office of the Vice President and Provost

November 13, 2019

ACCESS Tutoring and Support Services went through a transition beginning January 1, 2019 and is continuing to transition. Kim and her team have been a phenomenal help to our department. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that any technological needs of any of our academic support programs can function efficiently. She has been instrumental in supporting me in my new role by checking and double checking that our technology is up to date. She is always willing to meet to discuss the best possible options for our programs to run sufficiently based on our needs, even when there is uncertainty with trying out new technology. Kim is very knowledgeable in her scope of expertise and always offers a comprehensive approach to how best to meet departmental expectations without any resistance. If she has to say no to something, it is never without a thorough explanation as to why. I am delighted to compliment Kim and her team. Thank you for a job well done! ACCESS Tutoring and Support Services appreciate all that you do!

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