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Kostic named a thermodynamic topical collection editor of Entropy journal

October 16, 2019

Milivoje M. Kostic, professor emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and editor-in-chief of the Thermodynamics Section of Entropy journal, has been recently named as a topical collection editor of Foundations and Ubiquity of Classical Thermodynamics, after serving as a guest editor for three Entropy special issues in 20132015 and 2018.

In 2018, Kostic also published a feature paper, “Nature of Heat and Thermal Energy,” and attended the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-16) where he was a panelist on the development of a new entransy theory. The inclusion to the panel has been influenced by Kostic’s publication related to the entransy concept and controversies, as well as his prior collaboration with Chinese universities, starting with keynote lectures at the prestigious Tsinghua University.

Entropy is a monthly, peer-reviewed, open access, scientific journal covering research on all aspects of entropy and information theory. The journal publishes original research articles, communications, review articles, concept papers and more. Since Entropy became a mainstream, interdisciplinary  journal at the end of 2015, it has diversified in several sections, which also include statistical mechanics, information theory, astrophysics and cosmology, quantum information and complexity, as well as in diverse special issues and more recently in topical collections.

Thermodynamics is a science of energy and entropy, considered by many to be among the most fundamental sciences. The phenomenological laws of thermodynamics have much wider, including philosophical, significance and implications than their simple expressions based on experimental observations — they are the fundamental laws of nature. Classical thermodynamics crystallizes a diverse and complex reality to a fundamental cause-and-effect ubiquitous simplicity by its fundamental principles. That is why it is hard to understand thermodynamics the first time or the second time through.

Kostic’s research and scholarly interests are in fundamental laws of nature; thermodynamics and heat transfer fundamentals; the second law of thermodynamics and entropy; energy efficiency; conservation and sustainability; fluids-thermal-energy components and systems; and nanotechnology and nanofluids.

Kostic retired from his regular NIU duties in 2014 to pursue his scholarly work and research.