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Bus trips to Elburn train station soon to be daily with reduced fares

September 30, 2019

Last year’s merger of NIU’s bus system with those operated by the City of DeKalb continues to reap benefits as money savings and other efficiencies allow the City to offer new and additional routes. 

Beginning Oct. 7, the bus shuttle to the Elburn train station will run twice a day, seven days a week, with additional runs on Fridays and Sundays.  The cost to ride the shuttle has decreased as well, with students, seniors and persons with disabilities paying $4 and the general public $8.   

In addition to the lower fares, riders will have the option of purchasing tickets on the buses, as well as online at

All Elburn shuttle trips begin at the DuSable turnaround; return trips drop passengers off at the same location.

On Oct. 28, the buses will also begin a new route that takes passengers to the major employment centers of the Park 88 industrial area on DeKalb’s south side.

The service will provide access to employers along South Seventh Street, Fairview Drive, Macom Drive, Harvestore Drive, and South Tenth Street.  Additionally, the route will pass by elementary and middle school to provide more reliable access for parents and children who may need alternative methods of transportation to and from school.