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Have fun and live well with RecWell

September 23, 2019

A hidden gem is now part of RecWell.

FitWell, NIU’s recreation and fitness program for employees and their families, alumni, retirees and area residents is now a seamless part of the Recreation and Wellness offerings on campus.

The evolution is a result of a growing collaboration between the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education and the Department of Recreation and Wellness which was made to enhance its member’s fitness and recreation experiences.

“Our vision is to inspire even more of our community to lead active, engaging, and healthy lifestyles,” said Chris Dawe, director of Recreation and Wellness. “At RecWell, we support personal and academic success by providing outstanding recreation and educational experiences that are inclusive, stimulating and encourage a lifelong pursuit of wellness.”

RecWell has a long tradition of supporting Huskies in their pursuit of achieving health and fitness goals. If you’re a fee-paying NIU student on the DeKalb campus, you’re automatically a RecWell member for the current semester. If you are a faculty or staff member, alumni, retiree or community member, RecWell memberships are available at a very reasonable rate.

Dawe’s team is focusing on what they’ve done well in the past while making enhancements to current programs based on member feedback. Whether trying something new or taking advantage of a favorite recreational pastime, RecWell’s mission is growing to meet our community member’s needs.

“We are facilitating opportunities and building a culture that inspires optimum health and wellbeing,” Dawe said. “We want people to have fun and play, but if we can also help them realize some of the benefits of being active and well, we are helping them be successful.”

RecWell members have access to a variety of recreation programs and facilities to choose from including the Recreation Center, Field House, Gilbert Hall, New Hall and the Outdoor Rec Sports Complex.

“If someone is teaching on the far east side of campus they may think the only way to get active is to come to main recreation center on the far west side of campus,” Dawe said. “The reality is if they want a fitness center near them there are great ones in Gilbert Hall and Anderson that they can access.”

Members can go to the RecWell website to learn more about what’s available around campus.

“We want to reach more people, and right now there are some recreational opportunities and facilities around campus that might be more convenient for members but they just don’t know about them,” Dawe said.

RecWell offers students, faculty, staff and community members an extraordinary opportunity to choose an active and healthy lifestyle on campus. A membership is your ticket into wellness.

Go to RecWell for more information.