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Mary Schlagel earns safety certification

August 12, 2019

Mary Schlagel, with NIU’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety, was recently awarded the Associate Safety Professional certification. It is a highly respected honor which recognizes her ability to think quickly and critically in a wide range of safety issues and emergency management.

Mary Schlagel

Schlagel received the certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) after passing a rigorous examination demonstrating competency in areas such as toxicology, fire prevention and protection, chemical reactions, electrical hazards, incident investigations and command systems, materials handling, workplace violence, conflict resolution and more.

Schlagel says having a broad base of safety and environmental knowledge is key when it comes to resolving complex, interconnected problems. “A change of any kind is rarely as simple as it looks,” she said. “For example, we would have to think beyond basic OSHA and EPA standards if a problem with a valve in a steam tunnel required asbestos removal. We would have to see the bigger picture, anticipating how shutting off steam pipes would impact campus as a whole – from plumbing and ventilation in classrooms to ensuring that animal colonies do not lose access to properly controlled environments.”

According to the BCSP, Schlagel’s accomplishment puts her among the most highly trained, educated, and experienced individuals in the safety field. The Board’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, notes that individuals who are competent in the Safety, Health and Environment industry have a significant impact on safety within work environments.

Scott Mooberry, who oversees the university’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety, says that rings true here at NIU. “Having someone on our team who can approach safety issues and emergency situations through a comprehensive lens is a tremendous benefit to the NIU community. The Associate Safety Professional credential not only compliments Mary’s years of experience, it enhances our ability to identify potential hazards, respond appropriately, and keep students, faculty and staff safe.”

Schlagel holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. She also holds Master’s degree from NIU in Industrial Management, with a specialty in Safety. She has over twenty years of experience in safety and environmental health.