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De Mujer a Mujer Program starts Wednesday, Sept. 18

June 24, 2019

De Mujer a Mujer program focuses on providing academic support to increase the retention and graduation rates of Latinas on campus by offering programs, activities and leadership opportunities that foster self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. The program meets on Wednesdays, starting Sept. 18.

Over the years, De Mujer a Mujer has created opportunities for Latina college students to enhance their leadership skills. For example, through the establishment of an executive board, Latinas are able to take on roles that contribute to the program and their student career success. This year’s executive board members are: Stephanie Reyes, Ana Carreto, Maricela Cruz, Guzette Espinal-Angulo and Iris Espinoza. All these students were selected for their respective roles and encompass the essence of Latina empowerment.

The new De Mujer a Mujer student coordinator for the program is Stephanie Reyes, a junior majoring in health and human sciences. Stephanie says that De Mujer a Mujer has had a positive impact on her college experience, “As a first-generation student, I knew nothing about college life. Because I felt very homesick, I decided I needed to surround myself with people just like me, so I found De Mujer a Mujer where I instantly felt a sense of home. I was happy that these women looked like me and shared a lot of the same stories as me that I could relate to. I believe I have gained a sense of professionalism and have opened up to speak up from all the talks and networking we have done in the program that I know I will use later on in my lifetime.”

Every spring, De Mujer a Mujer hosts an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference. In April, it hosted its eighth annual Women’s Empowerment Conference, where executive board members assisted with planning and organizing the event. The conference focused on encouraging participants to build confidence, discover their voice, express themselves and make wise decisions. The event featured informative and inspirational workshops, guest speakers, as well as panels led by female leaders on topics such as leadership, cultural identity, mental health/wellness and student career success.

Students must apply to the program and be available to meet on Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Application deadline is Thursday, Sept.12. 

For more information, contact Angélica Mendoza, assistant director of the Latino Resource Center at 815-753-8645 or [email protected] You can also “like” our De Mujer a Mujer Facebook page to get more details about the program.