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Nina Slack receives the Patricia Siebrasse Administrative Professionals Award

May 20, 2019

The Administrative Professionals Advisory Council presented the 2019 Patricia S. Siebrasse Administrative Professionals Award for Excellence to Nina Slack, an office manager in the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences (GEOL). Slack has worked in various administrative positions for 21.5 years for the department.

Nina Slack and Patricia S. Siebrasse

The annual award is given to an administrative professional at NIU who demonstrates continued commitment to their field, operational efficiency within their organization and provides meaningful contributions to the university.

The nominator said, “I very highly recommend Nina Slack for the 2019 Patricia S. Siebrasse Administrative Professional Award for Excellence. For more than two decades, Nina has displayed the initiative, dedication, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, independence and professionalism that NIU should strive to instill and nurture in every employee. She is a consummate team player whose contributions to GEOL, [College of Liberal Arts and Sciences] CLAS and NIU are beyond measure. Nina is long overdue for public recognition of her outstanding career, and I hope very much to be the chair who finally sees her receive that recognition.”

Slack started her career at NIU as an office support associate in 1997, was promoted to office support specialist in 2014, and to office manager in 2015. She is currently the office manager for GEOL. The department has an extensive track record of external funding and, thus, the position requires substantial dedication. 

“Nina has to deal with grant proposals, grant expenditures, and many, many questions from faculty and staff,” said the nominator. “She performs the variety of duties associated with that position at an exceptionally high level and always does so with a pleasant demeanor. Although I know these types of positions can be stressful and the work often feels thankless, Nina has never once lost her good-natured laugh as she is devoted to providing an ideal environment in which all individuals can flourish.

“Nina is one of the most committed civil servants with whom I have had the pleasure to work. She is always striving to contribute as an administrative professional to NIU and our department and goes to extra lengths to help faculty, students and the administration work together. Often, she will work late or over the weekend to accomplish time-sensitive jobs.”  

The nominator continues, “I rely on Nina on a near-daily basis. I value her input and often seek out her advice. She listens intently to any problem I have and steers me to the best option. She has provided advice on typical questions office managers face, but also on more personal questions and advice as to how best deal with other faculty or administrators. I know that I can go to Nina at any time (e.g., even by text during non-office hours) and get sound advice on any subject. Nina is truly vital to our department and to NIU.”