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Artistry unleashed: David Maki shares his appreciation for the NIU experience

April 29, 2019

For School of Music professor David Maki, it’s all about NIU students.

David Maki

“My favorite memories at NIU continue to be centered on watching students succeed on multiple levels,” shares Maki. “Everything from watching a struggling student finally master a concept, to hearing our students performing at a high level, to seeing our students begin and sustain successful careers after graduating. Getting to know their personalities and unique talents over the course of their time here is a privilege.”

Maki has worked for NIU for sixteen years. He serves as the assistant director of the School of Music and coordinator of music theory and composition. His professional experience at NIU has been formative.

“In the School of Music, we have an incredible array of deeply talented faculty members who each are doing unique and amazing things. I am thankful to be part of an environment of focused, serious pursuit of artistic and scholastic excellence, especially in a society where we constantly must deal with a relentless torrent of information overload.” 

Maki has been affected by NIU in multiple ways, not the least of which is through the education he received while a student. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in 1989.  

“Being an alum, I have the benefit of experience in knowing that NIU set me up to pursue the career I wanted and to succeed professionally and artistically,” Maki shares.  

Maki’s deep appreciation for NIU and awareness of its impact has led him to contribute financially through the NIU Foundation. 

“I am proud to teach at NIU and of the work that goes on campuswide that supports our mission to empower students,” he says. “For me, it’s about pride for my institution, pride for my work and pride for our students. By donating, I feel more deeply connected to the mission of NIU and the purpose of higher education.”

NIU’s Day of Giving:  1,895 minutes to Unleash a Huskie

On Tuesday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 8, you can join Maki in supporting NIU students by making a donation during NIU’s first-ever Day of Giving. This 1895-minute period is designed to provide everyone who loves and cares about our campus community an opportunity to support areas they are most passionate about at NIU.  That can include a particular program such as the School of Music, student scholarships or Huskie Athletics.  

This year’s Day of Giving theme is “Unleash a Huskie.” Through your support, you can help provide the resources necessary for current and future generations of Huskies to start, continue and finish their education at NIU.  

When asked to share his greatest hope for NIU students, Maki says, “My hope is that the education and experiences here at NIU are enriching and transformative. I hope NIU students are secure in the knowledge that the path that they have chosen is on a solid foundation. No matter where it leads.”

For more information on the Day of Giving event, visit the website or contact Natalie Troiani at [email protected] or 815-753-8198.