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NIU launches university Policy Library

April 10, 2019

A significant project has been in the works that will positively impact access to university-wide policies.

NIU has launched the Policy Library online as the official location for all university policies. The library provides a centralized digital presence for administration, faculty, staff and students to reference university policies.

“The policy library is an important initiative for NIU as it will help us fulfil our commitment to transparency and accountability,” President Lisa Freeman said. “I am particularly pleased that the idea came from shared governance to administration for support and implementation.”

University policies are statements of principles and associated conduct which require adherence by all students and employees.

Rebecca Hunt, University Policy Librarian, has seen the project grow from the planning stage to completion. Hunt has looked forward to the launch and said the Policy Library will be a great resource to the campus community.

“It’s important to have one place to go to in order to view the policies for the university,” Hunt said. “This provides a central location for faculty, staff and students and eliminates the issue of not knowing where to look for a policy.”

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Rebecca Hunt at [email protected].