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1895 Minutes to ‘Unleash a Huskie’

April 8, 2019

Huskies. Never. Quit.  You just have to unleash them. 

For 1,895 minutes on Tuesday, May 7- Wednesday, May 8, NIU will host its first-ever Day of Giving. Day of Giving events have grown in popularity over the past several years, and among colleges and universities in particular. Driven primarily through online channels, these events serve as “digital pep rallies” where everyone who cares about a cause can come together and show their pride by being an ambassador, inspiring others and giving.

“Our cause is NIU students,” says Michael Adzovic, director of the Northern Fund. “The NIU Day of Giving event is designed to show current and future students that the entire Huskie family, near and far, believes in them and will do everything we can to provide them with a transformative NIU experience.” 

The theme of NIU’s inaugural day of giving event is “Unleash a Huskie,” which plays off of the NIU Foundation’s larger “Unleash” initiative aimed at creating awareness and support for student scholarships. While most day of giving events last 24 hours, NIU’s event will last 1,895 minutes, or 31.5 hours, to commemorate NIU’s founding year, 1895.  

In terms of causes that can be supported, participants are encouraged to donate to the areas they are most passionate about at NIU. To encourage participation, several giving challenges will be in play to match contributions and add to the overall Day of Giving totals. 

“We’ve had several alumni, NIU staff and friends step up and make generous commitments to spur on and inspire others to give,” Adzovic said. “We expect this to be a significant event that shows how powerful the NIU community can be when we come together.”     

Ways You Can Help

Three ways you can help make NIU’s Day of Giving a success:

  • Sign up to be a social media ambassador.
  • Create a challenge match to inspire others.
  • Make a donation on either Tuesday, May 7 or Wednesday, May 8.

For more information, visit the Day of Giving website or contact Natalie Troiani at [email protected] or 815-753-8198.