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Making campus accessible: PCPD

March 13, 2019

The Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities (PCPD) makes recommendations to President Lisa C. Freeman regarding the needs of people with disabilities. The commission meets each month during the academic year to discuss current events and plan activities that elevate the awareness of important issues affecting students, staff and faculty members with disabilities.

“Our mission is to serve as a university-wide advocate promoting awareness, educating the university community and assisting individuals on disability-related issues,” Danielle Young, housing administrator for NIU Housing and Residential Services and commission chair, said. “The campus community benefits from recommendations made regarding the needs of people with disabilities.”

Young, in her first year as commission chair, said she initially joined the commission three years ago to better serve the students she interacted with on a regular basis.

“I serve in a role that works directly with housing accommodations for students,” Young said. “I wanted to become a better advocate for the students and bring back what I was learning to my department.”

What started as a “natural fit” blossomed into an opportunity for Young to gain perspective and a better understanding of university operations.

“I fell in love with the work of the commission,” Young said. “I have gained a professional experience and valuable life skills during my time with the commission.”

Young said the Presidential Commission for Persons with Disabilities has made positive strides on campus and continues to help raise awareness of issues that impact the campus community.

“We hope that at every meeting something new is learned,” Young said. “Each member brings unique perspective and experiences that add to the productivity of the commission.”

And now is the opportunity to bring your perspective and make a difference at NIU.

Each spring, the Office of the President invites nominations and self-nominations of faculty, staff and students for appointment to the presidential commissions. Commission appointments are made during the summer with terms beginning in the fall.

Forward nominations, including name, title classification (faculty, instructor, supportive professional staff, operating staff, undergraduate student, graduate student), campus address, email, telephone number and a brief statement summarizing your qualifications and desire to serve, to Pat Erickson, Office of the University Council, at [email protected].