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Two extra paid days off approved for this year

January 14, 2019

In 2019, NIU employees will get two additional paid days off throughout the year.

After recommendations from NIU President Lisa Freeman and approval from the University Council, the university recently published the new schedule for employees.

The additional days off will fall around the Independence Day and Christmas holidays, creating long weekends for employees and bringing the total set paid days off to 15.

The two new additional paid days off are Friday, July 5, and Monday, Dec. 23.

“The good news is that we will have two more administrative closures or two more holiday days for 2019,” Freeman said. “I want to say, it’s my pleasure to actually approve these. It is certainly motivated by common sense.”

However, in recommending the new schedule at the University Council’s Oct. 10 meeting, Freeman shared her own personal experience of starting her first job at NIU in 2010, which was met with laughter from the University Council.

Her first official day of employment back then was July 3, she said.

“The then-provost insisted that I physically show up for my first day of work, which was Monday, July 3, so a Monday in between a weekend and July 4,” she said.

“And on my very first day of work at NIU, I was literally the only person in Lowden Hall,” she recalled. “And because we had Friday closures in those days, there was no air conditioning. So that was my welcome to NIU. I’m still here, but I think we should all take advantage of the long weekends for both the July 4 holiday and the Christmas holiday break this year.”

The new holiday schedule for 2019 began with Tuesday, Jan. 1, for New Year’s Day, and will end it with Tuesday, Dec. 31.

The next paid day off will be for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday on Monday, Jan. 21.

Other days off include Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day, Thursday, July 4, for Independence Day and the new administrative closure on Friday, July 5.

Following that, the next paid holiday will be Monday, Sept. 2 for Labor Day.

Around Thanksgiving, the university’s paid days off will be Thursday, Nov. 28, for Thanksgiving, and Friday, Nov. 29, for a floating holiday.

Now, with the new additional administrative closure days, the entire week from Monday, Dec. 23, through Friday, Dec. 27, will be paid time off.

The following week, employees also will have paid time off from Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 30 to Jan. 1, 2020.

This is not the academic calendar for students, Freeman noted at the meeting. That one will be set this coming spring for the next 10 years, she said.