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Dean of Students named to key leadership position with APLU

December 5, 2018

Kelly Wiesener-Michael

With her recent appointment to the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities’ Council on Student Affairs Executive Committee, Kelly Wesener-Michael will help NIU play a robust role in efforts to enhance the lives of students everywhere.

Nominated by her peers, Wesener- Michael, the associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, will serve a two-year term on the Executive Committee of CSA, which consists of senior student affairs officers of APLU-member institutions and university systems.

The Executive Committee oversees the activities of the CSA, with members working to address current issues and emerging trends in higher education as part of both formal and informal gatherings, including an annual meeting and summer forum. In addition, committee members assist the APLU CSA Liaison with outreach and engagement efforts for new CSA members.

The appointment reflects NIU’s growing role with APLU, coming on the heels of the university’s participation in a recently announced collaborative effort to increase college access, close the achievement gap and award hundreds of thousands more degrees by 2025.

That collaboration involving 130 public universities and systems working in clusters of four to 12 institutions reflects efforts geared more toward academic affairs, while Wesener-Michael’s appointment involves NIU being represented on a higher level when it comes to student affairs issues.

“NIU is developing a strong voice in APLU and on the national landscape in regard to emerging issues and policy development and figuring out the best way higher education can change to support student success,” Wesener-Michael said.

The Executive Committee of the CSA addresses issues related to the college student experience, including co-curricular opportunities; personal and professional growth; matriculation, learning, progress and completion; mental and physical health, wellness and safety; and fundamental needs, such as housing, financial aid and dining.

“I’m honored to be a part of a leadership group of my peers, all of whom are doing amazing work,” Wesener-Michael said.