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Jeffry Royce – Huskie Den/Operation Services

October 15, 2018

I want to take a moment and appreciate a man who has always worked behind the scene and has yet to be recognized by the university. This man is an angel from God, he has stood by his employees through the good times and bad (before we were all fired in June of ’18). He tried his absolute best to help find us another position within the Holmes Student Center. Since then he has taken the new role as night manager of the Operations Services and is doing a phenomenal job at running it. He is trying his absolute best to work together as a team with Mike, Joe and those who are under him. If you’ve never met Jeffry, come on by the Holmes Student Center and meet the guy who helps run the show. Afterwards, you might want to challenge him in his favorite game, PAC-MAN. The employees at Holmes Student Center can easily attest to the fact that Jeffry is the PAC-MAN champ who has reached his high score of 82,000 points. Or maybe he might even play you in bowling and let you win. He is, all in all, a very nice guy.

Thank you Jeffry Royce for all that you do and I hope you are treated with double the respect you give someone else.

Applaud a Colleague