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Survey deadline extended: Register your partnerships by Wednesday, Oct. 31

October 8, 2018

Partnerships with external organizations improve NIU’s teaching, research and engagement. They help us better fulfill our vision to be the premier student-centered, research-focused public university in the Midwest.

The Board of Trustees has prioritized growth and sustainability of partnerships as a presidential goal for 2018. In order to establish a baseline for tracking NIU partnerships, President Freeman is asking all NIU departments and units to report their partnerships with external organizations, focusing on those partnerships that demonstrate mutual benefit between NIU and external organizations.

A simple online form has been established to allow you to report your partnerships before the extended deadline of Wednesday, Oct. 31.

The form asks you to share your name and contact information, answer a few simple questions about your partnership and provide a very short (150 character maximum) description of the partnership. To make the process easier, if your unit has multiple partnerships, you may submit a bulk spreadsheet.

We recognize that partnerships are unique and vary in intensity and longevity. Therefore, we ask you to classify your partnerships using this basic typology:

  • Coordinating: Exchanging information for mutual benefit.
  • Cooperating: Sharing resources for mutual benefit.
  • Collaborating: Exploring shared vision; mutual financial resource development.

One type is not better or more important than the others; the type of relationship depends on the goals of your partnership.

We also ask you to classify your partnership as “New,” a partnership that began during FY 2017-18, or “Sustaining,” a partnership of longer duration.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the NIU Partnership Registry webpage. If you have other questions, contact [email protected].

Please submit your partnerships on or before Wednesday, Oct. 31.