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Operations Services – Holmes Student Center

October 4, 2018

The Operation Services at the Holmes Student Center have been doing an amazing job throughout the years especially when they were formerly known as Guest Services. They had went from a team of 19 to a strong team of 50+ and have been doing a phenomenal job at providing a service to the students on campus. They are always there patrolling the building making sure that the building is secure and safe. They have been helpful when giving direction or answering questions that students may have. They are also seen working hard during events they can be stressful at times. There are countless of other things that this department can be recognized on but I could only list a few. Applause all around to all of the student workers especially the building managers who have worked respectfully and diligently. And another round of applause to their full time staff managers Mike and Joe. Keep up the amazing work!

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