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Huskies are on a roll with new bike share program

September 5, 2018

NIU’s bike share program is up and rolling around campus, offering an efficient and sustainable transportation option for the Huskie community. With the addition of about 150 new red bikes last month, students have been navigating around campus in style and on two wheels.

“We have had a very positive reaction to the bike share program,” Sue Bidstrup, NIU Parking Services coordinator, said. “It offers a way for students without access to cars to get to and from class as well as to other areas within DeKalb.”

Operated by VeoRide and first launched in April, the bike share system replaced the university’s Borrow-a-Bike program. Huskies have embraced the change, Bidstrup said, with more than 2,000 active users on the VeoRide app logging more than 15,000 trips and 6,000 miles so far.

“Students like that the bikes are newer and in better condition than the ones we previously had,” Bidstrup said. “They also enjoy the fact that they are easy to check in and out from location to location.”

The VeoRide app (through Apple or Google Play) makes it easy, showing where available bikes are parked and allowing users to unlock them by scanning a code or typing a number found on the bike. In addition, riders aren’t tied to a single bike for the whole day and can return it to any existing bike rack when they are finished with the ride.

Bidstrup said the partnership with VeoRide and the new fleet of bikes are a win-win for the university and the environment. Along with saving an estimated 240 tons of carbon emissions per year there are other benefits for the Huskie community.

“We see students, faculty and staff who live relatively close to campus not only utilizing the bikes to help the environment but to alleviate parking congestion on campus,” Bidstrup said. “We believe that the program has been a huge success thus far and this success will grow even higher in the coming weeks now that classes have officially started.”

In addition to the bike share program, NIU offers alternative transportation options to meet the needs of the campus community. From the Huskie Bus Line or Carpool Connections to the fleet of Zipcars, NIU is ready to help you get rolling.