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Building Services – Holmes Student Center

March 29, 2018

The building services crew at Holmes Student Center have, for years, gone above and beyond in helping students, faculty, staff and the general public with their excellence in customer service, as well as room sets and tears downs and the overall cleanliness of the Holmes Student Center.

They are the first line of contacts for any and all issues with the building, events and conferences and, at times, working side by side with students to ensure your event, no matter what size, has the best outcome.They are always quick to respond to most challenges that occur with a great attitude and without hesitation.¬†It’s a thankless job but they are much appreciated by myself and all who have had events there.

To Christy Fell, Jim Barry, Chuck Jones, Mike Engelman, Mason Martinez, George King, Brad Dohlen, Brandon Robinson, Ben Gonzales, Vickie Tilley, Courtney Cochrane, Jacob Fell, Cassie Perez-Reis and Dave Yaworski. Thank you for making my job easier and making me look good. You guys are awesome!

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