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Graduate student in psychology wins dissertation research awards

February 12, 2018

Arielle Rogers

Arielle Rogers, an NIU Ph.D. degree candidate in social and industrial-organizational psychology, was recently selected as a recipient of two prestigious awards supporting her research on the impact of sleep quality for workers in fields related to customer service.

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology awarded Rogers with the Mary L. Tenopyr Graduate Student Scholarship of $3,000. The scholarship recognizes graduate student achievement and supports student research in industrial-organizational psychology. Rogers will be formally recognized later this spring at the SIOP annual meeting in Chicago.

Additionally, Rogers was named the recipient of a 2017 American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award. The $1,000 awards are made annually by the APA Science Directorate to promising graduate students to assist with the costs of their dissertation research.

Working under the direction of her adviser, psychology professor Larissa Barber, Rogers is studying how perceptions of sleep quality influence health and emotion regulation.

“My research examines how some organizations demand their employees provide ‘service with a smile’ when working with clients or customers,” Rogers said. “These organizational demands can be detrimental to employee health, particularly if employees are constantly faking their emotions.

“I’m interested in how sleep might influence the use of healthy emotion-regulation strategies in response to these demands,” she adds. “Findings from my research will be able to inform organizational policies regarding emotional demands as well as sleep and other health-related interventions for customer-service employees.”

Rogers expects to earn her Ph.D. degree in the spring of 2019.