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NIU Housing awarded the distinction of Most Spirited Delegation

October 9, 2017

NIU Housing officials were awarded the distinction of Most Spirited Delegation during the recent National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) conference.

The award is given to the college that shows exemplary enthusiasm, and points are scored by participating in activities, displaying the school flag, submitting programs to be presented and more. NACURH is comprised of more than 400 colleges and universities from six countries. This year, more than 230 schools attended the conference, which took place at Purdue University.

Nicole Pacewic was among those in the NIU delegation this year. A junior at NIU, she is majoring in elementary education.

“This award meant the world to our delegation and the NIU Residence Hall Association,” she said. “It was a great feeling to know that we were recognized for all our hard work.  It was also great feeling to know that we are continuing to put our best foot forward while representing NIU with the pride and enthusiasm NIU deserves.”

Pacewic serves as the national communications coordinator for the NIU Residence Hall Association (RHA). She said getting involved in RHA helped her combat homesickness during her freshman year and gave her a “place to belong.”

“Being at a conference is where I fell more in love with the Residence Hall Association and I knew I wanted to continue in this amazing organization and help other find their home at NIU too,” she said.